Get more customers today with Search Engine Marketing

Everyone wants to rank first on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), but not everyone knows how to do it. With an increasing number of online customers, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become a crucial marketing strategy. A successful Online Marketing campaign requires qualitative research, the right knowledge and a smart strategy. Most people never visit the second page of search results and these are the customers you're missing. If you can't afford to be left off the main page, contact our SEM experts to get found and grow your business among your target customers. Daylogic will handle every aspect of search engine marketing so you can concentrate on what matters.

Daylogic is a Search Engine Marketing agency that helps to increase the visibility of your website, and blogs in SERP. We can help your business to achieve a better ad position at an affordable price. Our SEM experts focus on search intent Logical keyword grouping and account structure which will help you in achieving higher click-through rates (CTR), lower costs per click (CPC) and bring the right traffic to your website. With our search engine marketing services you will get results on the first page of Google and achieve your business goals in a quick and scalable way.

What we offer in Search Engine Marketing

Keyword Research

Keywords are the core of Search Engine marketing. The number of visitors you can send to your website through SEM depends on the relevant keywords. We have a team of SEM experts who will help you to choose the high-ranking keywords to include in a profitable paid campaign. Our company Daylogic works with advanced keyword research tools, such as Google search planner to identify high-performing search terms. We also eliminate negative keywords from your list that are not useful for your search advertising budget.

Market Research

Market research is a critical component of SEM services. It helps you to find the high-ranking keywords which are used by your competitors. Through market research, we will easily identify emerging trends. It plays a very significant role in strategic SEM plans. Before working on the SEM project, we conduct a thorough study of your competitor and market. Market research helps us to emphasize your customer needs and demands

Campaign Management

A SEM campaign's success depends on selecting the right kind of advertising and managing it throughout its planned strategy. Our SEM experts manage your campaign settings, such as locations, languages, networks and devices, to determine how your ads will run. We also monitor your campaign's effectiveness and customize it according to the insights and results. We design the campaigns according to your business needs. Research, planning and Implementation are the important steps followed by our expert for the best possible return on investment.


To ensure that a SEM campaign is producing the desired outcomes, we daily monitor the campaign insight. Our SEM experts use in-depth analytics to study the results of every campaign. We consider various factors in our analytics such as keyword searches, user search history, geographic regions, and devices. We monitor and evaluate your key performance indicators (KPIs) which include click-through rate (CTR), Quality Score, impression, and cost per conversion.

Ad Campaign Design

At Daylogic, we create and manage specialized advertising campaigns across a range of social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google. We offer Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements created with Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo ads. We also use affiliate marketing, remarketing, banner ads, and landing pages to help your company rank high on the search engine result page.


As a Search Engine Marketing company, we create and manage paid ad campaigns to get high visibility for the client business. We are also responsible for delivering quantifiable results that the client can monitor at any moment. We offer advanced and easy-to-use reporting tools to evaluate the success of your paid campaign. After the ad campaign launch, we closely monitor your ad performance and prepare reports of every campaign. The analytics report helps us to design and optimize your next paid search engine marketing campaigns for higher conversions.

Increased Conversion

Our experts create effective Google SEM advertisements to deliver immediate results with a quick return on investment. Our aim is to help businesses to produce maximum sales and conversions with the right search engine marketing strategies. Our Google search advertising will help your online business to target the customers.

Measurable Growth

With our search engine marketing services, you can easily evaluate the effectiveness of your ads and track the outcomes of each campaign. Our SEM experts can identify which ads produce the highest conversion rate for your business in terms of CTR, clicks, impressions, and other metrics.

Improved Organic Traffic

Our SEM experts take your online success to the next level and also improve your organic traffic with our search engine marketing services. Our team of specialists will review your website, identify areas of improvement, optimize its content, and work with you to create an effective search engine marketing strategy. With our SEM service, you can count on improved organic traffic and higher rankings on search engines.