Why App Store Optimization Service is Important to Your Business ?

app store optimization

Getting your app noticed is one of the biggest problems mobile app owners are facing. Currently, there are more than millions of mobile apps available in major app stores. This is why it's so important to understand app store optimization (ASO). In this blog, we will discuss what exactly is app store optimization and how can you benefit from it. To help your app rank highly on the play store, you should know about app store optimization.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App Store Optimization means optimizing your Mobile apps according to the app store in order to get high visibility in app search results. Your target audience will find your app easily when it appears higher in the search results of an app store. The ASO procedure requires a good understanding of your target market. This procedure includes the relevant keywords your targeted customers use to find your app. You need to understand your customer search terms. You should also have a better understanding of the language used by your potential clients. When you know more about the keywords, you can utilize these keywords in an effective way.

App Store Optimization (ASO) includes the following factors:

  • App name and title
  • Keywords
  • Description
  • Subtitle
  • Total number of downloads
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Why is ASO Important?

    Google said that app store searches lead to the discovery of most of the apps. As a result, searching in the app store has become the most preferred way to find and download new apps. But the sad part is that most app owners are not spending money on app store optimization despite the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of apps competing for rankings in each app store.

    How to Boost your App Ranking?

    We use SEO for our websites to rank better. To rank your app on the app play store, consider the important factors which play a crucial role in app store optimization. There are two categories of ASO factors:-

    1. App Name/Title:

    Our initial internet impression is the title of the content. Users will download your app because of the title and usability. Including a keyword in the title improves that title's search rating. The keyword that is used in the title should be the one that receives the most search volume. If you change your title frequently, then your target audience will take time to find your app. By including high-volume keywords in your title will help your app to rank higher and get more reviews. But, you cannot overstuff your content with keywords. If you do this, the app store will blacklist your app.

    2. Keywords

    Keywords are the most helpful and effective way to appear in search results. If you know the keywords that your target market uses, you can easily raise your search rank. Monitoring your competitors will help you to know about current keywords and marketing trends. The most crucial aspect of ASO is that you can change the title and keywords anytime.

    Secondary ASO Factors

    We all know that the first impression plays a very important role in app store optimization. But there are many other additional elements also that have a significant impact on your customer's mind. Secondary ASO factors help your targeted customers to choose to click the download button. Here is a thorough description of every aspect to consider when setting up your app for higher rankings. These consist of:

    1. App Description

    For the App Store algorithm, the description could be less useful. But for your targeted customers, it matters a lot. Focus on describing the qualities and benefits of your product rather than app store optimization. You have 252 characters to get someone to download you by making a proper description. So, you should keep it precise and to the point while doing app store optimization. For good results, you might need to implement an A/B test.

    2. Keyword Metadata

    Apple allows you to enter keywords up to 100 characters long, separated by commas. Keyword Metadata allows the discovery of your app through search and relevant content. App store optimization service help you to select popular keywords that aren't present in the title because there's no need to repeat your keywords again and again. Using Apple Search Ads, you can perform thorough keyword research. Only iOS app developers have access to this function, which is a crucial tool for listing any project. To find popular keywords, you can use a keyword research tool.

    3. App Subtitle

    In search results, a subtitle is provided beneath the title. The character limit for this is approximately 30. App subtitle is another opportunity for you to utilise your keywords in another way. For example, Type Shift uses the space to enter its key phrase. This will give you more keywords and it is the most effective way to find hidden keywords. With the help of app store Optimization Company, you can easily create a relevant subtitle, including your keywords.

    4. App Reviews and Ratings

    Users should take customer feedback and ratings into account, especially if they are unfamiliar with the app's brand. App reviews and ratings both play a very crucial role and they are not easy to manage because these thing depends on your customers. Only the good quality of your products or services will help you to get good reviews and ratings. Apps with better ratings appeared higher on the search list. It would be best if you found a way to communicate with your users about your app service. The App store also provides a forum for complaining and direct communication with the programmer. Fewer customers will not consider downloading your app if your app rating drops. Conversions are also impacted by ratings. A negative customer experience will decrease your downloads and it also affects another customer mind.

    5. App Downloads

    In the end, a download is what counts. Users who are not willing to download your app, but with the help of app optimization service, you can easily persuade your target audience by an app preview video and screenshots. Your download volume is a very important factor to ASO. Because it shows the popularity of your app and through this app store bots will consider you a good quality app. The quantity of downloads an app receives is used by the Play stores to rank apps. More specifically, it's the download speed right now. Despite having a million downloads overall, a new app can surpass it by gaining more downloads this month. The promo video and pictures play a significant role in this. App previews are used by the vast majority of top apps in the App Store to boost customer conversion rates. But once you have a user, you have to keep them.


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