7 Best Content Bucket Ideas for Your Social Media

Managing all social media at the same time is a tough task, and what type of content should be posted is quite challenging. People who are managing social media platforms are familiar with the term content bucket. Before planning any social media strategy, they decide on their content bucket ideas for their social media platform post. Every business should plan its social media strategy and content bucket list according to its product or services and target audience.

What are content buckets?

Content buckets are the themes or subject that helps you to engage the target audience. There are different categories that are identified as content buckets. These buckets help businesses to plan an effective social media strategy according to their audience. Content buckets help them to achieve their goal and mission.

Types of Content Buckets

In this blog, we've covered the 7 social media buckets with examples. With the help of these content bucket ideas, you can easily design social media content buckets for your company. You can also implement these ideas for your personal social media platform account.

1. Entertainment

Social media posts that are full of entertainment attract more audiences because people like to watch fun-loving content more than any other type of content. Sometimes you need to assume you as a customer or audience instead of you as a businessman or social media strategist. It helps you to see a wide picture of your social media platforms. Your social media posts, whether it's a funny meme, normal funny text or video, it has the potential to become viral and helps your social media accounts to gain more followers.

2. Inspirational

Everybody loves to be inspired by quotes from famous personalities or normal quotes. Morning motivation is the most needed thing for people who are going to work or exams. Posting Inspirational content on your social media account platforms helps you to increase your followers in a short span of time. This type of content includes quotations, facts, famous personality quotes, client successes, etc. It also includes case studies, testimonies, failures, and accomplishments that inspire your audience.

3. Conversational

You heard people saying that whenever you are having any kind of doubt, sadness or fear about something, talk to your parents or your loved ones who understand you. Social media also demands the need for conversation with your audience because your audience is like your family. You should definitely start a discussion if your post's concept demands one. People that follow you want to be heard, not just talked to. Instead of just sharing anything, express your opinions on the subject to your audience and invite them to do the same. Ask them a question, encourage them to participate in a poll (Twitter, Instagram stories, and Facebook posts all have built-in polling features), ask them to fill in the blank, or even offer advice.

4. Educational

Education is a magical way to achieve your goal to become a successful and reputed person. Now a day’s social media platform YouTube offers free education to people. Every type of educational content whether it is related to government job preparation or learning new creative and technological skills, everything is present on YouTube. If are an educational institute such as a coaching institute, school, or college then posting educational content on social media is very beneficial for you as well as for your students. Your primary audience is your students. You can post educational images, text and videos to help them. By sharing your valuable knowledge, you can easily increase your credibility and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Educational Post includes a link to a blog post, respond to a FAQ, offer advice, or think about going live. This kind of content helps you to increase your target audience.

5. Informational

Informational-based posts on social media platforms mainly focus on content which gives information about current affairs or any particular topic. Everyone admires and follows the account that provides informational content. You can regularly update your social media with an informational post to increase your followers. News, facts or other informational content attracts audiences very easily. Businesses that want to post informational content can inform their customers about their product or service and its benefits in a non-promotional way. They can answer frequently asked questions in an interesting way to engage their audience. .

6. Promotional

Small businesses and startups don’t have enough budget to spend on TV or newspaper advertisements. For them, social media is like a boon to promote their products or services on the internet. They only need a good promotional social media strategy. Promotional posts on social media require less effort as compared to advertisements. You can also promote your business through paid promotion. With the help of social media promotional posts, you can easily analyze and track the result of your promotional activities. These posts mostly include special offers with a compelling message and a strong call to action. Don’t forget to include a powerful image.

7. Testimonial

Testimonial posts are very beneficial for brands, businesses and startups. They help to gain the trust of your target audience. Always post real testimonial content to maintain the credibility of your business. Fake testimonial posts decrease your reputation in the market. While designing a testimonial social media posts include a real image of your customer with feedback. The focus of testimonial-based social media posts is to gain the attention of potential customers. These type of posts targets future customers and tell about your good quality services or products. Such posts will persuade your customers to opt for your services.


We hope you will be able to plan your social media strategy with the help of these 7 content bucket ideas. You can also explore more content bucket ideas on the internet to plan strategies for your social media platforms. If you are confused about your social media strategy, we can help you. Our company Daylogic Infotech is an IT company which provides Development and Digital marketing services. Our services include Web Development and Designing, Mobile App Development, Brand Marketing, E-commerce Marketing, Social Media Marketing, traffic booster, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Google AdWords, Political .